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What we're about

Winterhold is a fresh guild on Dalaran[NA] We're looking to build a chill and positive community with a zero tolerance policy for drama. We hope to build a raid team and some groups for m+. All roles and play styles are welcome. You'll always have the help of your guildies!


Alliance Guild, Dalaran, US

November 20, 2023 by Belegris


Asathrad[GM] here to let ya know what the rock is cookin'. We're looking to raid 7:30/8pm CST weekdays and earlier days on the weekend. Days will be set in stone once we get a team going. Looking to push keys and get geared and get AOTC. All roles and play types are welcome, if you need help leveling or getting gear this guilds got you! Don't pay strangers when you can play with your community for free :) Discord is recommended but not required. Hope to see you soon!