Wild Panthers

Horde Guild, Twisting Nether, EU


87 5/25 5 Reports Audit


Inspired by <Group Therapy>'s course of action by only having 2 raids per week, but being consistently on top 100-120 world, and influenced by the meta way of raid leading, of too many (Limit, Echo, Imminent etc), we decided to start a mythic raiding guild project that will enable us to beat the game (Cutting edge) while still having a busy life. We raid Wednesday & Sunday 20:30-00:30

More about us

Raid attendance required: 100%. 

Vibe: Chilling & mature enviroment.

Course of action: Council operating guild, 21st person raid leading, Warcraft logs analysis.

Roster progress: We're pretty much in need of good DPS players, and a Discipline priest.

With cross-realm mythic raiding knocking at the door, the recruitment of good quality raiders will be certain. You can take your trial with us, while there are still spots, but if you get accepted, you have to transfer by the occuring or next reset. 



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Castle Nathria
0 / 10
10 / 10
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We are recruiting!

<Wild Panthers> Twisting Nether, Horde
- Current progress 4/10M -


Team needs are: 

-Warlock: Aff/Destro

-Hunter: MM/BM

-Mage: Any

-Death Knight: UH/Frost

-Demon Hunter: Havoc

-Shaman: Ele/Encha

Any valuable applications of any class, will be considered.


Raid Schedule:
Wednesday 20:00 or 20:30-00:00
Sunday 20:00 or 20:30-00:00


We'd like to play the game and be able to function in life with job/kids/other half/duties. Our approach of progress, is beating the game while in a mature and chill atmosphere, with productive methods, and a council-type guild leadership.

Our course of action is inspired by <Group Therapy> with only 2 raiding events per week but with full efficiency, and the tools to reach our goals are inspired by Limit / Echo / Imminent, by having their raid leaders execute leading via a shared screen.
Our Goals, are to stabilise the core, progress through tier 1 as much as we can, and hit tier 2 real good, in order to reach a good world rank!

ItEnzHere#0133 [Officer Discord]
FuzzyAfro#2896 [Officer Bnet]
Ghor#6789 [Gm Discord]
Declarenz#2590 [Gm Bnet]

Death Knight
Death Knight Frost Death Knight Unholy
Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter Havoc
Hunter Beast Mastery Hunter Marksmanship
Mage Fire
Shaman Elemental Shaman Enhancement
Warlock Affliction Warlock Destruction


  1. Castle Nathria
  31.03.2021 (Wed)   Akoomx
  2. Castle Nathria
  30.03.2021 (Tue)   Akoomx
  3. Castle Nathria
  28.03.2021 (Sun)   llEnzioll
  4. Castle Nathria
  24.03.2021 (Wed)   llEnzioll
  5. Castle Nathria
  24.03.2021 (Wed)   Akoomx
  6. Castle Nathria
  24.03.2021 (Wed)   Akoomx
  7. Castle Nathria
  21.03.2021 (Sun)   Akoomx
  8. Castle Nathria
  21.03.2021 (Sun)   llEnzioll
  9. Castle Nathria
  17.03.2021 (Wed)   Akoomx
  10. Castle Nathria
  14.03.2021 (Sun)   Akoomx
  11. Castle Nathria
  10.03.2021 (Wed)   bjnike
  12. Castle Nathria
  10.03.2021 (Wed)   Akoomx
  13. Castle Nathria
  7.03.2021 (Sun)   Akoomx
  14. Castle Nathria
  7.03.2021 (Sun)   Akoomx
  15. Castle Nathria
  5.03.2021 (Fri)   Akoomx
  16. Castle Nathria
  5.03.2021 (Fri)   Akoomx
  17. Castle Nathria
  5.03.2021 (Fri)   bjnike
  18. Castle Nathria
  3.03.2021 (Wed)   Akoomx
  19. Castle Nathria
  28.02.2021 (Sun)   llEnzioll
  20. Castle Nathria
  23.02.2021 (Tue)   llEnzioll
  21. Castle Nathria
  23.02.2021 (Tue)   llEnzioll
  22. Castle Nathria
  23.02.2021 (Tue)   llEnzioll
  23. Castle Nathria
  17.02.2021 (Wed)   llEnzioll

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