Alliance Guild, Kael'thas, US



We’re looking for skilled players with a proactive, team-oriented mentality, who show up, do their job, and are willing to learn.


Alliance Guild, Kael'thas, US

October 20, 2022 by Starlord


WeWhoHaveOtherStuffToDo is the most AWSOME guild on US Alliance Kael'thas (Trollbane, Lothar, Grizzly Hills, Malfurion, Moonrunner, Gnomeregan, and all Ghostlands connected) with a fun and inclusive community. We’re looking for skilled players with a proactive, team-oriented mentality, who show up, do their job, and are willing to learn. We have everything from learning raids, casual raids, and AoTC focused raids looking for a little mythic content. We are a zero-drama guild and 100% against the normal toxicity you find in some guilds. We don’t put up with it because we don’t have to! If being toxic or a dick is your idea of a good time, keep your bag packed as you won’t have a home here for long! We are seeking players of all types, all classes, and characters.

We are a guild for average joes who like to play the game, kill bosses, and have fun with our friends. This attitude has caused our guild to BALLOON! Looks like a lot of you are sick of the A-holes trying to ruin your fun. I feel that in my soul! We have had to make alt guilds because we are approaching cap for mains! We are a good mix of seasoned and fresh players. We have a huge female population in the guild. Why you ask? Because they can join us and not be harassed by the trolls and incels who thinks girls can’t play games.

We are an extremely fun community. We host fun guild events like naked raiding, achievement runs, guild contest, etc. We have drunk raid night and serious raid night. People just starting keys to multiple groups now doing +14 and +15 or higher in Mythic dungeon keystones. If you're looking for a casual guild that has serious players, all while having fun and a good time this is the place for you! Our raid team cover everything from just learning how to raid, casual normal progression, and a higher content progression team.

I’ll let you in on a secrete a lot of sweaty guilds won’t tell you- Anyone can be a raider… All it takes is time, patience, and a willingness to learn. We can fix gear, we can help with rotations, we can teach people the fights. What we can’t teach is a bad attitude and attendance! We have an active Horde guild and social members are always welcome.

What does our event calendar look like?

Monday- Mythic Dungeons

Tuesday- Learning Raid

Wednesday- Honey Badgers

Thursday- Old School and Naked Raid

Friday- Rated PvP

Saturday- Triumphant Tryhards raid

Sunday- Farming, Transmog, Achievement runs, etc.

We understand that people have careers, families, friends, OTHER things to do. So when you have those 2 free hours free at night once or twice a week to play your WoW, why not come hang out with your friends? You all want a place to hang where everyone knows your name! What have you got to lose? Nothing but a good chance of making friends!

Hit up our recruitment point of contact at:

battle-tag: Starlord#1351

Discord Add: Dookar#1589

or join our discord server: https://discord.gg/zFW9PHbCz6