Warchief of the Horde

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Recruiting for Shadowlands Mythic progress

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Warchief of the Horde

Horde Guild, Twisting Nether, EU

February 24, 2021 by UberlyMaxxor


Warchief of the Horde

10/10 Normal first week pre nerf! And now 10/10 HC on farm and 1/10 M after taking a break over holidays and new year now recruiting for shadowlands Mythic raid progression. We have a link to a 1000 member cross realm community Raiders Elite with Raids and Mythic+ running everyday at all times to fit various time zones and life commitments across both.

We pride ourselves on a friendly no drama environment with many players willing to help out regarding class, general game advice and boost runs. With a 0 tolerance policy on player toxicity and strive to maintain a roster of freindly and well mannered players.


Core raid days - Thursday/Sunday/Monday 19:45-23:00 server time.

Multiple HC clears take place on Wednesday and throughout the week with alt runs and normal clears during the day.


Raid Requirements Normal:

170-180+ ilvl

Raid Requirements HC:

185-195+ ilvl for the first 7 bosses 205+ for the last 3 bosses 

Raid Requirements Mythic:

Discord with ability to communicate average of 3k-5k+ HPS and single target DPS as a baseline minimum


Players are expected to have a base or advanced understanding of mechanics and message the Raidleader or post in discord if they will miss a raid. 

We understand that real life issues happen and we are happy to accommodate you, as long as notice is given.

All applicants should be near or at their ideal setup to directly contribute to the current content with adequate knowledge of their class and potential balance changes

We provide Cauldrons/Flasks/Feasts/Vantus runes and consumables for progression content. Along with free enchants/gems for main spec gear and 1000G in guild repairs daily. 

to join simply reply here, apply via the in game guild finder Search "Warchief of the Horde", drop in the guild discord discord.gg/Fc7gBn or contact GeneralDench#2178 via BNET or General Dench#3228 via discord / UberlyMaxxor#2888 BNET or Marrox#4830