Violet Vanguard

Alliance Guild • Moon Guard • US • Retail


Alliance Violet Vanguard

The Alliance sister guild of the Violet Vanguard located on Wyrmrest Accord - Horde!

Violet Vanguard

Alliance Guild, Moon Guard, US

November 3, 2023 by Penumbrae


The Violet Vanguard on Moon Guard - Alliance is the sister guild to the Violet Vanguard on WRA - Horde. We started a Horde and Alliance guild to better serve our memebers who wanted to play Alliance characters on a server that had more Alliance roleplay opportunities, but still be part of our cross-faction community. We started the joint guild before Blizzard went cross-faction in game, but we have kept the sister guild!


If you are interested in a guild with a friendly environment with a focus on RP and casual mythic plus, the VV is sure to be a good fit for you! We are an intermediate sized guild that is inclusive and welcoming and ultimately are a bunch of friends looking to play the game together.