Horde Guild • Chromaggus • EU • Retail



What we are looking for

We are looking to fill up our roster to get a stable 2/3/9 set-up.
Highest priority at the moment are DPS classes who are willing to raid with us on Fridays and Sundays.
If you’re a healer you’re equally welcome.

Regardless of your class/role/spec we are mainly looking for likeminded people:
People who like to play in a social context who love to tackle challenging content with a bit more seriousness.

What we can offer

We are a group of like-minded players who get together to hang out, push AotC/Keymaster, level alts, do some PvP,… and we’re looking to add people with similar intrests to our roster. It is not in our interest to recruit for the sake of recruiting - we want players who are willing to interact and work together in both progression and mythix+ content.
Our officers and raid leader will provide support where we can, in and out of raids or keys, to make you a better player and us a better guild.
The aim for this guild is to become a stable “Curve” guild where we value people and relationships over progress.Interested?

Come say hi on our guild discord and maybe join in on a raid or mythic keystone night:

uwu u so warm recruits; Characters on Europe • Retail region. Min. level 60 characters. Min. item level 190 characters. Preferred
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