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Shadowlands Raid Recruitment / Requirements for 9.2:

Our Progression raid team was brand new in 9.1, and we're building on its success into a progression team capable of AOTC and beyond. We also have a weekly casual raid where folks can learn, see the lore as it unfolds, and have a great time in a more relaxed environment.

Our Casual Raid has no gear or experience requirements; it's all about being patient with yourself and with the team and being willing to learn--or just hang out and have fun with friends!

Our Progression team's requirements change as the season goes on, with more raid experience and better gearing being required later in the season as we move into more challenging content.

Currently the requirements to join the progression raid are: some previous experience raiding at least on normal, a willingness to commit to a character/role for the season (with a few exceptions), and a desire to lern and improve as we progress through the raid.

Most needed roles for progression team: Ranged DPS, Healers, DK.

We're always happy for anyone to join in any role and can maintain some flexibility for backups, alternates, and off-specs. While we strive to accommodate our players' needs and requests, to ensure that our team is successful we encourage players wanting to raid with us to either have prior raid experience or be willing to work with an officer to make sure you are ready for progression on current content. For a more clear explanation of our values and expectations for raiders, contact a guild officer.

Toxicity and elitism are not tolerated in any University of Azeroth raid.

University of Azeroth recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Preferred
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