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Guild Charter

Guild Charter for Undiminished


Alliance Guild, Stormrage, US

March 28, 2021 by Solidus1944

Last Update: 11 September 2021


Why We Exist

Our guild was created primarily by AOTC raiders who were sick of the cliques, tired of elitism, and wanted a new home that felt like a community; a family. We abide by our guild name’s definition: not diminished, reduced, or lessened; not made less, smaller, or weaker.

We all do our best, and help each other whenever possible. We may not be THE best but we do OUR best, and we have a damn good time doing it.

About our atmosphere; we are adult humans with jobs, and most of us have children. We cannot and will not be on every waking moment of the day and night, and do not expect it of our guildies. We tend to ninja-afk from time to time. Real life happens. That being said, when we are running keys or raiding, we expect everyone to be present to the best of their ability. We try to work around everyone’s schedules (and kids' bedtimes) to enable this.


Our leadership team is meant to change with the needs of our guild. No one wants to join a 25-person guild with 15 officers. Everyone in leadership positions are expected to always act with respect and courtesy - even to those who do not adhere to our Code of Conduct. Officers are appointed by the GM based on the needs of the guild.

GM - Azriellë
GP - Daïtan
Recruiting Officer - Cayleeanna
Raid Officers - Dinglo & Dxal

[email protected]

Code of Conduct

  1. All members are expected to abide by Blizzard's Terms of Service.
  2. You carry our guild name. Don't be a dick or troll in chat.
  3. Be mindful of discussions in guild chat and Discord. Potentially offensive or politically charged conversations should be moved to another channel. Undiminished is a safe space for everyone.
  4. Do not attack, put down, harass, or generally be an asshole to fellow members. Any disagreements should be handled privately and can be mediated by Guild Leadership if requested.
  5. Officers are in a leadership role. Disrespecting or ignoring their reasonable requests and instruction will not be tolerated.
  6. Any member who acts in a way that causes them to lose the respect of their guild mates will be removed.

Guild bank and loot policies

  1. Each member is expected to contribute if they would like to benefit from the bank.
  2. Some tabs are locked or have limited withdrawal permissions. If an item is required (enchants, gems, etc.) it can be requested from guild leadership in game, or in the #gb-requests tab in discord. Contribution history may be taken into account when considering requests, and reasonable requests will not be refused.
  3. Guild repairs will be available when the bank balance permits.
  4. BoE's are the property of the person who looted it. They are free to do what they please, whether it be sell, gift, disenchant, or destroy.
  5. Items that are not needed by the looter may be put up for roll, preference will be governed in order of: main spec, off spec, alt/transmog.
  6. Do not harass your teammates for gear. It's a shit move.

Recruitment and Promotions

We are always recruiting like minded players. Recruitment is handled by guild leadership, who have invite permissions. Suggestions for new members are welcome. Feel free to mention we are recruiting if you come across a person who would feel at home with us! Promotions are given to players based on time played, participation, contribution, and general demeanor.

Guild ranks are as follows: GM; GP; Officer; Recruiter; Elder; Raider; Member; Alts; Initiate.

GM - Guild Mama, aka Head Bitch in Charge
GP - Guild Papa, GM's right hand
Officer - Includes raid and recruiting officers
Elder - Founding members of the guild, long term members
Raider - Self-explanatory...
Members - Active players, not interested in raiding
Alts - Alts of members and raiders
Initiate - New members

"Play bitch games, win bitch prizes"

Shitty behaviour is not tolerated (see Code of Conduct)

Disciplinary actions are based on the seriousness of the offense and include, but are not limited to;

  1. A stern talking to
  2. Loss of privileges
  3. Removal from team activities
  4. Demotion
  5. Public shaming, tarring and feathering
  6. Expulsion from the guild.