Turus Thalanaar

Alliance Guild, Wyrmrest Accord, US


Fallen Leaves

The guides had long forgotten them.

Torches no longer lit the passage they had used descending into the reaches of the Caverns of Time.  In fact, it looked like no one had lit the torches in some time.  The sands were no longer disturbed from their footfalls a few minutes before.  When they reached the stables, it was immediately apparent that something was wrong.  There were no guides, nor their horses from the trek across the sand.  One of the youngers tending the stable hurried by, and he jumped when he saw the two.

"Who are you?" he asked in a quavering voice.

"We are not here to harm you.  But where are our horses?"

The boy looked back at the stables.  "H-horses, my lord?"  He looked back.  "There haven't been horses here all month.  Although there was a griffon a month before."  The boy's face changed.  He realized something had happened, and he knew where he was.  "I... I should go and fetch my father for you."

The boy hurried away, and a short time later the man who reached the stables in his place looked the two of them over and shook his head.  "Elements take me," he said.  "He said I'd see you again, but I stopped believing a long time ago."

"Who said you would see us?  again?  Who are you?"

The full import of what would follow was apparent...

"My lord,... I am the boy who stabled your horses.  And the lad you found when you returned... is my son."

It took a month to reach the shores of Feathermoon and learn just how much damage had been done.  They never should have left.  And so, the work began to restore the Fallen Leaves to Thalanaar, and from there to restore the land.