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Welcome to Tranquílity. Here you can find information about our guild, roster, players, events, logs and much more...


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Castle Nathria
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Tranquility Recruitment

< T R A N Q U I L I T Y >

This is a newly founded Mid-Core guild on Silvermoon Alliance which aims to provide a home for those that wish to achieve Cutting Edge each raid tier, run Mythic+, and generally all things WoW. For our raiders, you will have to meet certain criteria before you will be considered for a raid spot.


The requirements are as follows: 
                                                     You will be fully enchanted
                                                     Bring your own consumables
                                                     Able to make all raid days
                                                     Have indepth knowledge of your class
                       Most importantly: Be ready to learn and not be afraid of repeated wipes while progressing in a Mythic raid environment.

Raid days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 19:00 - 23:00 server time.
Knowledge of your Class is important, you should want to learn and develop as a player.
A good understanding of the raid tactics, there are already plenty of guides out there for Castle Nathria. Although things we be explained during the raid, it’s important to the guild that each person makes the effort to learn whats required tactically during the raid.
Able to turn up on time and Make every raid. You not turning up to a raid not only makes you lose out on a potential progression kill but leaves us having to find a sub. however we understand emergencies happen and these things are unavoidable.
I do fully expect that as we’re expecting to achieve Cutting Edge you should make the effort as a player to learn and research what you need to help the team.

Mythic Plus

This is something we are enthusiastic about and have a solid couple of teams we would like to expand upon.
We will be running these as often as we can to not only fill the gaps in raid gear (if RNG was not kind to you), but to see how high we can actually push as a guild is always fun!

All players welcome to join this!

Overview: If you’re a player who has the mindset to get Cutting Edge and similarly oriented goals then come join like-minded players and hopefully have a laugh. We just want to do our best in game as a team.

*Please note we have had a lot of interest so far which is really awesome but our main focus now is on raid members!

All dps classes are still welcomed at this point although only 1 potential Rogue spot left.

All social and Mythic Plus players are very welcome.

For more information please add Discord: Nats#6735 or Battle Tag: Natsu#23628


There are no guild logs recorded yet!

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