Town of Odyn

Alliance Guild, Thunderhorn, EU


Mythic Xy'mox Down! We move to second place on the server!

Thoughts after the Xy'mox kill.

Town of Odyn

Alliance Guild, Thunderhorn, EU

April 22, 2021 by Turbo

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As i sit here the morning after we killed Xy'mox, i find myself thinking that what we've all created here is something special. Ive mentioned it before but as of today the guild is 2 months old. And thats actual guild creation, not first Mythic kill, What we've all accomplished in the last 2 months has been pretty amazing and its a pleasure for all of us to organise and keep this train going. When we started I had no expectations that we'd even get into Mythic this tier - All my plans were for building a raid team in 9.1. And yet here we are, 6/10M moving on to Council progress on Monday. Incredible work guys.


As for Xy'mox? This was far far easier than I expected it to be. 25 pulls in total is really impressive for a mechanically complex boss such as Xy'mox. Maybe complex is the wrong word but timing is everything afterall and there are some very tight timing checks on this one. You all did fantasically and after the rough time we had on Inervia we deserved a nice clean Xy'mox kill.


Some scary bosses coming up now. In fact they're all pretty nasty. Council is rough. I was also going through the warcraft logs for Memento Mori and they had over 200 wipes on Sludgefist, so we'd better get ready for that endurance test of a boss. Stone Legion Generals is obviously horrific (Not as bad as it used to be thankfully) and then if we get to him Daddy Sire. These next four bosses are really going to be a test - So remember to bring that A game I know you all have \o/

Razo out o/