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Sanctum of Domination
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Castle Nathria
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About us: An LGBTQ+ friendly guild with a self described "fun and flirty" raid vibe. That is to say, we like to have fun in our H raiding time. We started the tier as a small knit tight group of IRL friends, but are slowly starting to grow out our base through fun and social pug raids where we have a lot of repeat faces. ABOVE ALL. we value the quality of your person and how well we get along, but we're also looking for some solid players to join us on a first journey into Mythic Raiding. 

Mission: At the moment, since for a large majority of u have't ever stepped foot into a mythic raid, we're looking just to see how far we can progress without getting to a point of frustration. We truly enjoyed our progression through Heroic raid as a group, and we're looking to take the next step in that challenge by doing some Mythic bosses. That said, we're not looking to be sweaty about it, and we're not looking for giant egos, either. We're looking for people who can commit to showing up, learning, respecting our time and effort into progressing, and of course having fun and creating fun memories together. 

Raid times: For the last two months, we've been running Heroic Raid on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9PM EST - 12 AM EST. From discussions, it looks like we'd be pushing Heroic to strictly Tuesday's at the same time, and moving Mythic Progression to saturdays. We aim to start doing pulls in about 2-3 weeks as, even with our guild size right now, dont have a full Mythic raid group. 

What roles were looking for: At the moment, we're welcoming of all roles and classes but the following would be considered a priority:
DH or Warrior Tank
Fire Mage
Ret or Holy Pally
Windwalker Monk
Disc Priest
Affliction Lock

Beyond that, any and all classes are welcome to apply!

To Apply: Please send me a message via here with your Ilvl and class and availability. I'll reply and we can set up a more direct means of communication afterwards. I much prefer to interview than to read someones application.


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