Horde Guild, Dunemaul, US


Congrats on <Tilted's> Success! ...and the population control measures that come with it. :-P

Congrats + new recruitment & population measures


Horde Guild, Dunemaul, US

November 14, 2020 by yopriest

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After basically only 3-4 months since our restart,  <Tilted> has become one of the largest and best guilds on the server(s)! Thanks to all of our members and our officers, your work and dedication have really paid off!  That said, our head-count has been bumping up against the 1k member cap for the past two months. :-(  With the SL’s drop, we’ll see an influx of good players looking for a quality progression guild. So we are victims of our own success, which is not a bad problem to have. 

Soforth & hereby, we proclaim by decree and forthwith the following population control protocol. Each step in order, triage-style to keep us within the 1k cap. 

#1 We are asking all members to  voluntarily remove low level alts, and all alts they aren’t actively playing <ACTIVE
#2 Remove any toon that is 2+ months dormant <ACTIVE
#3 Remove any toon that is 1 month dormant ranked Recruit <TBD
#4 Remove lower level toons based on level tiers  1-25, 26-35, etc <TBD
#5 Create a 2nd guild for alts/leveling toons <TBD

Exceptions will be made based on rank/need. Booted toons can come back into the guild but must be level 50+ and be active.

Little History: <Tilted> was founded by Bandaidgirl and me over 10 years ago under the name <NC Seventeen>. It's gone thru a couple of name and GM changes and was dormant up until this spring when the reins were handed back to me after an extended break. It's been fun and exciting to grow this quickly and see everyone help us become the community that we are. This is the best guild by far that I've run! ......is it 'run' or 'ruin'? I always get those two mixed up.