Thirteen Orphans

Alliance Guild, Sargeras, US


Recruiting for Shadowlands!

Thirteen Orphans

Alliance Guild, Sargeras, US

August 18, 2020 by Gokiburi

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Recently formed on US-Sargeras (Alliance) by a few IRL friends (Previously 6/12M) who are looking to start up an Alliance 2-day Mythic raid group, as well as building a strong roster of people who enjoy M+, PvP and Achievement farming!

We’re a laid back group of people who like to have fun, but also know when it’s time to focus during progression.

----Raiding & M+----
Raid Times: Tuesday-Wednesday 7pm-10pm PT (9pm-Midnight Server Time)

Roles Needed:
We're currently not recruiting for our main roster, if you're interested in being a sub while waiting for a spot in the main roster, contact us!

We’re looking for dedicated players who have a deep understanding of their class and are looking to get some mythic progression in SL with a 2-day raiding schedule.

We’re also trying to expand our pool of players who like to push keys, especially with how many M+'s we’ll have to run in SL If you’re looking for a group of players to push keys with hopefully this will be the place for you!

----Base Raid Requirements----
90% attendance rate, with enough time given of any absences (Ideally at least 48 hours)
Deep understanding of your class, Raid encounters, and how/when to use your cooldowns
Being prepared for raid with food/flasks/pots/gems/enchants
Discord (at least to listen)
Strive to always improve your own gameplay
Good attitude!!
Use of the following addons:
- Exorsus Raid Tools (ERT)
- Big Wigs (DBM is fine)
- WeakAuras2

----Casual Players----
Casual players who are looking for a home are always welcome! If you’re interested in joining our Discord, send me a DM!

If you’re interested in joining feel free to contact me at
(bnet) Gokiburi#11202
(Discord) Gokiburi#2605