Down With The THICCness

Horde Guild, Bleeding Hollow, US


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Putting the social aspect back into the game while not taking away from competing or completing our goals.

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Welcome to <Down With The THICCness>

We are a group of like minded players from all ages and walks of life.  Where we shine is in the ability to work wholly and as one to topple any objective we have.  We are not composed of strictly bleeding edge raiders who play endlessly; we are composed of mothers, students, new players, veteran vanilla players, hardcore and casual.  The secret to our success is that we treat the social aspect as the main objective, and from that, anything is possible.  Think about it for a second, if you could care less about anyone in a guild, why push yourself to be better? Why even show up?  That is what we have changed.  And the results are astounding.  

So are you in a place where you just follow the same log in/log out everyday, never see a word in guild chat or no one ever in coms to talk with? If you are, maybe give us a shot.  What's the worst that could go wrong? 

Definitely give it a thought, 


PS - We can make sailors run away screaming with the mature humor and/or conversations.  We are not prudes by any means.


More needed for Team Dirty Lightwell!

Shadowlands is upon us!

We are raiding starting DECEMEBER 8TH!

Times and days are as follows:

Wednesday-830P-11P EST


Before you get to the rules, please read and understand.  This guild makes heavy use of Discord, as in the MAJORITY IF NOT ALL of the communication within the guild is handled from that platform.  There is seldom guild chat or activity contained within.  We all make use of comms.  If you have any issues with talking via comms or text via discord, this might not be the right guild for you.

We are in HEAVY need of ranged. Like a fat kid needs cake!  If you are ranged dps, you are more or less guaranteed a spot, that is if you actually are competent at your class!

Rule 1: All members must be of age - 18+

Rule 2: Spamming, in any channel is forbidden.

Rule 3: Pornography, sexually explicit content, and gore are prohibited. All NSFW content will be need to be posted in NSFW channels only.

Rule 4: No Doxxing of any kind, punishments will be the most extreme.

Rule 5: No advertising. Unless it's in a channel with the purpose for advertising.

Rule 6: Use the channels accordingly. bot commands are typed in bot commands etc.

Rule 7: No harassing other users. Harassing is extensive insults or disrespect to a single target.

Rule 8: Toxicity is always bannable at the first offense. If you live to be a nuisance to others, you don't have any place in DWTT, let alone a Society.

Rule 9: Child explicit imagery is NEVER allowed. Don't fucking do it. Period.


Rule 10: Although Racist/Sexist/Gender terms are not enforced fully, please use these to a mild extent and not targeting anyone. We don't want to cry over words but using it too much gets annoying and tasteless.

Rule 11: If you take issue with someone or what someone is saying, take it up FIRST with the individual. If they are still unresponsive, bring it to the Officers or GM. Try to fix the issues instead of running away from them.

All in all, these can be summed up in one sentence - Don't be a dick.

We can make sailors run away screaming with the mature humor and/or conversations. We are not prudes by any means. We just feel these rules are productive to the positive environment we are trying to create.

Note: Officers have complete discretion interpreting rules and offenses from case to case, and everyone who joins server must react to this post to become a member

Druid Balance
Mage Arcane Mage Fire Mage Frost
Shaman Elemental
Warlock Affliction Warlock Demonology Warlock Destruction


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  Team Dirty Lightwell
Item Level: 170+
  Wednesday   ➜ 2.5 hours
  Sunday   ➜ 2.5 hours


Castle Nathria
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