They Caught a Pig

Alliance Guild, Proudmoore, US


8.2 Guild Recruitment

Guild: They Caught A Pig

Server: Proudmoore US

Faction: Alliance

Don't be fooled by our progression. They Caught a Pig recently decided to flee the shamanistic, tribal warrior aesthetic of the Horde and join our brothers and sisters in the Alliance! AOTC: Uldir and BOD, we are reforming our raid team with a mixture of mains who have faction changed, and new characters who are gearing and preparing for play at the higher end of the game.

We are recruiting players of all kinds*, casual through hardcore and Mythic + specialists to help build out the various parts of our guild. Particularly we are looking forward to finishing our casual progression raid team and spending some time with good old Queen Azshara on Heroic (and bits of mythic). If you are looking for an energetic and driven guild without the politics, the bs, and the other draw backs to 'hardcore' guilds, chat with one of our officers.

Where did we come up with the guild name you ask? They Caught a Pig

*18+ only please, 4chan ain't got nothin' on our guildchat.

Contact Biskit at:
AmyMoe#1505 (Real ID) Biskit#2850 (Discord)

WoW Armory: They Caught a Pig