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Dating back with over a decade of raiding as a guild, we have a storied history of 34 server firsts, the most in server shard history.

We are a semi-hardcore guild focused on progression first and foremost. Progression raid spots are earned through parses and mechanical excellence. In general, we have a relaxed atmosphere presuming you come prepared and to events that are appropriate for your skill. We are PvE focused, but also have a diverse roster of PvP players including current NA rank 2 destro, HWLs, and multi glads. We have high expectations for our progress and capabilities, and we hope our applicants will also exhibit this same attitude and approach towards progression.

After a trial process of raiding with us cross server and it is clear we are great fits for each other, a transfer is expected. Right now our main needs are a DK, WW, and MM hunter. We will consider any exceptional player with a passion for raiding.

Prog Tue/Wed 7-11 CST.

Please visit the discord below for the application process.

Theory recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Min. level 60 characters. Preferred
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