The Golden Company

Horde Guild, Zul'jin, US


The Golden Company

Recruitment post for Dragonflight launch!

The Golden Company

Horde Guild, Zul'jin, US

October 26, 2022 by Bittersteel


The Golden Company is now recruiting! We have reformed for Dragonflight, most recently we finished 10/10 Mythic in Castle Nathria. We are a Cutting-Edge guild located on Zul’jin, Horde.


Our group was built with two goals in mind: The first is to build a community of people we enjoy raiding with. The second goal is to achieve CE.


Here is what you can expect from us: While we do aim for Cutting-Edge each tier, we are community-oriented guild first and foremost. Raid spots are competitive, with a relatively even skill parity between members being the ideal. However, I wish to build a team of people that enjoy playing together and to that end we prefer to help someone improve rather than replacing them. This does not mean your spot is 100% secure but if you are consistently performing well, we will not be looking to replace you. There is always a better player to be found and we do not want to constantly churn people out. We want to build a solid core of players that sticks together, helps each other and forms genuine bonds that lead to members looking forward to raiding time each week.


The guild is open and accepting to 2SLGBTQIA+, women, minorities and other underrepresented communities but is by no means limited to such. No racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, etc. We are all human and prone to mistakes, the golden rule is to make an effort, be accepting and have good intentions at heart.


----- Raid Schedule:


Tuesday: 7:45PM – 11:15PM EST


Thursday: 7:45PM – 11:15PM EST


Raiders should be online and ready to accept invites 15 minutes prior to raid start at 7:30PM EST, depending on Vault trash the goal is to have our first boss pull at 8:00PM sharp.


----- Requirements:


Attendance is important. We run a roster of 24-26 players and expect 90% or greater attendance; we understand life happens; we just require you to inform us as soon as possible in consideration of the other players in the group. Note: Attendance requirements are higher for trials, tanks, and healers.


We require the ability to adapt to situations during a raid, as well as take constructive criticism outside of the raid – this is importantly not code for verbal or any other form of abuse. We spend a lot of time performing in-depth log analysis and like to discuss things to help both the raid and you become better. A positive attitude is also a must, progressing in mythic will require patience and dedication. We also want to have fun while raiding, if you're looking for a serious atmosphere then we will likely not be a good fit.


Currently recruiting all roles aside from tanks for Dragonflight launch. My roster currently consists of 18 previous raiders with CE from Castle Nathria, and I am very selective when recruiting both in terms of performance and especially when it comes to a personality fit.


We will NOT be entering mythic during the month of December, the holidays and family time will take precedence.


If you are interested in us, please add me so we can chat! Bittersteel (GM)


Discord (Bittersteel#4096)


Battlenet (Bittersteel#1826)