The Unitedz

Horde Guild, Draenor, EU

30 3/25 1 Reports Audit


Throm-Ka, Warrior

**Looking to get into progression raiding? “The Unitedz” is the right place for you!**

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild currently looking for players to progress further into Ny’alotha and for Shadowlands.
Our goal is to progress further into mythic raids and getting CE (Cutting Edge) as fast as possible,altough we are also a really friendly guild and being nice to each other is a high priority!.

**What do we need:**
Currently we are looking for Everything, we search for ppls that know how to play there class and that have the same goals that we got. We also search ppls for mythic+

If u feel like u can be an addition to our team feel free to contact us!
All skilled players will be considered.

**What can we offer you:**

* An active guild that besides raiding also does Mythic+. Pushing keys or just getting your weekly 15 done. We have some players that do PVP but it is not a big thing in our guild.
* We help you to min max your character correctly to become a good in the game
* A friendly and social atmosphere, an active guild chat and lots of late night discord fun.

**What do we expect from you:**

* Having a high attendance. This means showing up most of the time. This is important to us.
* Although we do not require geared alts, we value players that have the ability to play multiple spec/classes at a high level.
* The drive to progress. Wiping won’t stop you from trying and remaining calm on those wipes.
* keeping yourself informed about your class and knowing how to play it. Know what talents/stats/gear is best for you in specific situations. Keeping track of class changes that apply to you.
* A desire to improve, be willing to better yourself and take advice from others. Leave your ego outside of the guild.
* Contacting officers if you are having problems so we can fix these instead of venting this to the guild.

**When do we raid:**
Tuesday 19:45-23:00 CET Servertime ( Only Progress Time )
Wednesday 19:45-23:00 CET Servertime
Sunday 19:45-23:00 CET Servertime

Saturday 18.45-22:00 (Optional Alt/social run)

If you think our guild might be a good fit for you, or you have any further questions you can contact us in the following ways:

Discord: Smerlowtv#3500
Bnet: Smerlow#2687
Twitch: Smerlowtv


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Blood Elf 50 Havoc Demon Hunter
Orc 50 Unholy Death Knight
Troll 57 Affliction Warlock
Goblin 46 Shadow Priest
Tauren 50 Retribution Paladin


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