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The Rapscallions in 9.1

Quick breakdown of what to expect from the guild in 9.1!

The Rapscallions

Horde Guild, Draenor, EU

June 21, 2021 by Mushasha


Good Evening everyone!

I just wanted to provide a quick update regarding what to expect from the guild in 9.1.

Weekly Activities

A series of events have been listed up on our GOW website to show what activities will take place weekly Monday-Sunday; which includes our progress raiding days (limited to team members of their respective teams), our alt/social raid day (open to those suitable), our RBG day and our M+ day.

Raid Teams

The provisional team sheets will be in the #information tab shortly. Firstly those that have been included in either team, congratulations! Secondly those who we have been unable to place - we wish you luck and hope you can appreciate how competitive our teams have become for raid spots due to their success this season. That is not to say you cannot raid with us socially on our offday raid. Please feel free to message me if you need to talk, clarify or discuss any of the above.

This Season

Congratulations to all of our players on what has been a super long season, Aphrodite achieving 9/10m (soon to be 10/10m hopefully!) and Ares achieving 8/10m, We also had our third team Achilles reach 4/10m earlier in the season but they left to do their own thing. We've had various players including Stronkone get high M+ RIO score and others accomplish feats in PVP too.

Guild Constitution

Our guild constitution has been updated in the #information tab.

Guild Leadership

A polite reminder that any raid related issues should be brought to the raid leadership teams [RLT] (Aphro - Jamil & Nord / Ares - Tharthare, Willi & Cyfral). Although Rhys and I run the guild as a duumvirate; we allow our raid teams autonomy and the decisions therein are those of the RLT. Although Rhys and I can intervene this will be as a last resort only (think of it as the federal system the USA use, Federal vs State authority).

Also welcome to Cyfral who joins Ares RLT as an officer and Inwis who joins Azama/Faye (our Recruitment Coordinator) as a recruiter, in the recruitment team.

Also an update on any guild disputes/concerns/feedback/complaints etc. I will take up the delegated role of Provost and deal with any of these issues so please feel free to private message me and I will endeavour to assist.

Guild Recruitment

Guild recruitment is led by Azama/Faye but supported by all officers and above and our dedicated team of recruiters (that is currently being assembled).

Closing Words

As a final note - thank you to you all for what has been an amazing first season, here is to many more!

Kind Regards,

Mushasha (Deputy GM)