The Prospect

Horde Guild • Twisting Nether • EU • Retail


Hello and welcome to The Prospect!

Welome to our Guild Page! Our Guild resides at The Twisting-Nether Server/Realm and we accept anyone who would like to engage in our Guild Socially and be a part of our Community:) We also engage in weekly Raiding and are setting up a PvP/RBG Team for weekly activity:)

The Prospect

Horde Guild, Twisting Nether, EU

October 12, 2021 by wazzuphabibi


The Prospect has been around since Cataclysm times, and used to be very active once, in the latest of periods the Guild has been quite inactive.. until very recently. The past two weeks has been a complete revival of all mentioned activities, and an active playerbase, a healthy helpful Community is also one of our main goals to achieve which we believe we have partly passed through.

People in our guild are engaging in every sort of activity there is, from casual conversations on our Guild chat which is always active, to the recently made Guild Discord. We have people who actively do mythic+ runs at most times, and we are also very New Player friendly, as alot of the people in our guild have player for an X amount of years and know the game well. The social aspect of a Guild Community is something we wish to encourage more and more like the way WoW community used to be many years past:)

Our guild is currently looking for more people to engage in the above mentioned activities, we do have Mythic+ active players, but we would also like to have more people actively wanting to PvP in RBG's.

When it comes to Raiding we do actually have a need for more Healer/Tanks, the reason is that we would like to form two possible raiding teams in our guild, which pushes for different difficulties.

Guild members who are in need of gear/boost for the purpose of joining our Raiding and Mythic activities usually will be assisted by other guildies for that purpose as well.