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The Nine Divines - Ravencrest want to recruit some dedicated raiders for our weekend raidteam to compliment our roster.

The guild has been around since 2013 and started out on Ragnaros before moving over to Ravencrest and we're still going strong. As a mix of old and new friends who have a lot of fun together.

At the moment we are in need of more people overall, since we have a flexible team that can switch roles we can consider most classes and roles, especially in need of a healer, or ranged players. If you a flexible player that can play several specs, it's a perk but not mandatory!
We want to constantly improve and want players who know how to show up and perform during the short times we do raid. We aim to come as far in mythic raiding as we can and still enjoy our time.

Raid times are Fridays 20-23 ST and Sundays at 20 - 22:30 ST.

The guild consists of a wide variety of players that outside of raids usually run M+ together or sit and chitchat on discord.
A lot of our raiders are former hardcore players who still want to clear content but have left the hardcore scene due to real life responsibilities.

For any questions and/or an invite, feel free to send a message!
Bnet - Faehren#2883
Discord - Faehren

The Nine Divines recruits; Characters on Europe • Retail region. Min. level 70 characters. Preferred
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