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The Illumeownati is a PvE-focussed guild that puts the player first. What do we mean by that?

  • PLAYER FIRST: We don't judge you based on your dps, your item level, or your raiding achievements. We are the antithesis of the toxic PuG attitude. Just as KSM doesn't make me a better person, my mistakes don't make me a target for abuse. We are a community with a familial ethos... we help each other, we strive to do better for each other, we wipe and die together, we laugh and cry together. We support, mentor, train and lead each other. We talk, we listen, and we don't judge or label.
  • PvE-FOCUSSED: We formed in Feb 2022 and as our guild grew, so did our raiding and M+ success. We are keen to build upon this in each season, and have ambitious aims for a guild with our approach. We think The Illumeownati's ethos builds solidarity in our groups, leading to a keenness to improve, and a long-term strength with our PvE teams. If our approach interests you, and you feel like you want to be a part of what we offer, continue reading...


  • Don't be a dick.
  • No combat log-derived meters in any guild public space. This includes but is not limited to in-game guild chat, Discord, etc.
  • We don't call out other people's mistakes. This Is Not The Way.
  • We learn from our mistakes. What we do after our mistakes is what's important. We all need to be open to appropriate and considered feedback.
  • Only an event leader can waive the expectations of an event. E.g. our raids will have a required set of addons; the raid leader is the only one who can let you join without these.
  • If you don't meet minimum expectations for an event, don't expect them to be waived. We are pretty generous with our requirements, and they are all there for a reason.
  • We don't want to hear 'the meta' being used as a stick to beat someone with, or in a way that puts pressure on the membership.


  • A busy calendar, but with days of downtime. It won't be all things for all people, and we don't expect you to attend everything (real-life can occasionally suck, and sometimes we don't want the pressure of progression or key-pushing).
  • A Council who actively listens to concerns, ideas and suggestions. Feedback avenues are well established.
  • Considered and thoughtful action from the Council.
  • An open policy to joining events. We are the antithesis of the PuG mentality. We don't expect AotC to raid Normal, nor KSM to run a +6. However, please see the next point.
  • Any PvE event is more than one person, and so we need to consider the group. If we (the Council or the event leader) think your presence may risk the success of a 'progression' event, we will have a chat with you as early as possible on how we can either get you ready for that event, or maybe the need to wait and be supported to be ready for a future one. In order to help with this, please sign up in-game to events as soon as you know you can (at least tentatively) commit.
  • Play what you want. We all know tanking and healing isn't for everybody. We also don't care what the 'flavour of the month' is... some enjoy it and others don't. We respect both of those viewpoints. There are times we might ask if you want to respec to e.g.Guardian or Discipline, but that will be with guidance, and will not be enforced.

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