The Fire Will Heal You

Horde Guild • Aegwynn • US • Retail


Currently Recruiting!

Smaller guild is looking for people interested in M+ Dungeons (2-15+) We do some light raiding Saturday's 8:30 pm EST for 2 hours (9/11N). All specs welcome! Most of us are East/West Coast time zone. Discord too

The Fire Will Heal You

Horde Guild, Aegwynn, US

February 10, 2022 by Thundercats

Last Update: 12 May 2022


We are a smaller 18+ Guild. We are a chill group. We like to run mythics, raid, and PvP all while chillin' out and having a good time.

Join our discord!

We are currently building a normal raiding team for 9.2, scheduled once per week Friday or Sat. starting around 8:30pm EST. Join us!

Ask for help if you need anything. We are a friendly group. Have fun!