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The Dingus Brigade is fiercely casual - looking for inclusive minded individuals that want a place to play WoW how they see fit. We grow our family, one toon at a time (Alts welcome) and place no demands on each other.


The role of the guild is first and foremost to further enhance the enjoyment of the game for everyone. A guild provides a form of home for players. It’s a source for assistance, familiar faces, and conversation. We try to keep our home as one consisting of a fun-loving and mature nature without taking ourselves too seriously. Guilds are really all about the members. What you get out of it will depend on what you put into it.


As far as end-game content is concerned, we’ll get there if and when we get there. Not a guild motto, but an appropriate way to express the goals of the guild. The only certain goal is to have fun while experiencing what we can in the game. We are not a raiding guild, but raids may be scheduled on occasion for fun. We do desire to experience endgame content, but it will likely happen at a casual pace. We do not discourage individual members from seeking out opportunities outside of the guild if they so choose. In fact, we encourage it if it’s something that they are looking to do. Our guild is to promote an enjoyable experience, not restrict it.


However, as has been noted, we’ll get there whenever. If raiding is not your cup of joe, that’s fine too, there is still a lot of stuff that goes on outside raids. We are first and foremost a social guild, where members can find other players that they come to know and trust.


Greymane/Tanaris We want you- not your toon type or ability. Bring what you want to play. For Souls, not Slots.

The Dingus Brigade recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Preferred
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