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Void Elf Beast Mastery Hunter

The Dingus Brigade

Alliance Guild, Greymane, US

March 31, 2021 by Kiriin

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How were you introduced to WoW?  I started playing WOW when it first came out and played until 2010. In July 2019 my Daughter got me playing again and resurrected the old account. I have multiple toons on both factions on several different servers.


What is the general story behind your main character? Do they regularly visit pubs? Are they grizzled veterans? Do they cross dress? We are accepting of all dinguses. I honestly never thought of a backstory for my toons


Tell us how you built your first wow toon, and why you made the decisions you did (class, features, name, race). Do you still play that toon? The first toon was a Tauren Warrior that I never completely leveled. I played Horde for several years then moved to Alliance. I currently have 2 level 60 DH and Rogue. I have the following classes 50 to 59: Druid, Warlock, several hunters, DK, Shaman. I enjoy playing DPS on all of them. I am not into raiding or Mythics. I have PVPed in the past.


Favorite In-Game Title (why?) Depends on which toon I am playing I have a fire mage named Zippo that I use Firelord.



What is your favorite zone in game and why? Dreanor is my favorite because of the artwork.


What do you do for fun inside the game (activity)? Pet Battles and participating in the world holiday events.


Gear – have you reached your ideal gear set? If not, what would it be? still working on mog collecting… honestly there is a never ending gear level… got to get the next Ilvl.


Frequently, while in the middle of battle, some of us take a moment to reflect on why we are so uber. What do you think of in the middle of battle?  Oh crap I didn’t realize how late it is…


Is there anything you’d like to see the guild do more/less of? What can the guild provide more of for her members? everyone has different wants and needs


You know you’re a dingus when- you never actually attain the gear level that is current due to other distractions..


You can always find a dingus- in an auction house  



What are you listening to right now? Metallica


How did you find our guild? WoW Forums


Would you like a more responsible / active role in the guild? If so, describe. We are an independent-make-your-guild-your-own-guild. We are people- these ranks just identify members to each other for needs or questions.) no thanks



Name you go by in the outside world? John


If you have regular play hours, what are they (so we can pounce you). 7 to 11:30 PM


Where does your RL body reside? (so we can pounce you) Washington


What is your favorite out of game tasty treat? Scotch


If you were a pizza topping, what would you be? Cheese


What do you do for fun outside the game? Computers


Do you have any pets?   Yes 4 cats

If you would attend a Dingus meet-up, how far would you travel? Where would you recommend?  40 miles