Dingus Brigade Poop Deck

All the other words we're thinking- and did get written down! Because being pantless and standing in poop isn't serious business enough.

The Dingus Brigade

Alliance Guild, Greymane, US

March 30, 2021 by shaunajo

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Members have the freedom to enjoy the game as they see fit. You are your own person and can make your own decisions on what you want to participate in and what you don’t. All members are encouraged (but not required) to have real lives, with periodic or unexpected interruptions and changes in schedule. As a result, you won’t find many requirements around here. We encourage members to help each other out when able to, but without feeling obligated to. All members have the freedom to schedule and lead any events of their choosing. As such, it is expected that members will take advantage of that and will make best efforts to fulfill their own goals. In setting up and publicizing events, members are encouraged to work together with fellow guild members, allied guilds, or anyone else with common goals or interests.


We hope and expect that any members who are not enjoying themselves will speak up and voice their frustrations or concerns. It’s a game and should be fun for everyone playing. Maybe something can be done or changed to help, but we need to know about it in order to try. Along with that, all members are more than welcome to contribute to suggestions for improvement.


There’s a catch to this free reign policy. If we want to be able to tackle the tougher end game challenges, we are going to need to have a solid army of prepared members. Through teamwork, that can be a quick process. If we let everyone fend for themselves, it will likely take much longer. A guild is strongest when working together.


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You should have fun and act like a Dingus, but be respectful and adhere to the standards set forth:

(1) Respect and follow the game policies and ToS (Terms of Service) agreement.

(2) Play with honor, humor, and consideration for others.

(3) Have fun, since that’s what we’re here for. Also, please recognize that each person may find enjoyment in different ways that your own.

(4) Adhere to any additional guild rules deemed necessary to create.

All standards are applicable for fellow guild members as well as any other players you encounter in our discord, game servers, forums and other public social media; for as long as one is a Dingus by name.


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Any Dingus Brigade Member found to show poor conduct, lack of maturity towards other members will be dealt with swiftly and sternly.  Corrective actions may include having their position removed or even removed from the Dingus Brigade community entirely.  Racism and sexism in public servers or our own servers is subject to immediate review by guild leaders and officers and may result in removal from the community.  We hold a very high standard when it comes to members. We take this very seriously.  You may be warned and given a second chance, but only if our community feels you can improve and mature.


Enforcement of these expectations is at the discretion of guild leadership members. For most situations, it can be expected that a warning will be given in some form. Generally, it won’t be a big deal and will simply be a “please don’t do that” sort of thing. Further concerns will primarily be for anyone repeatedly engaging in undesired behavior and showing little desire to change.


We expect each member to take on the responsibility of their guild home environment and communicate any changes, concerns, or ideas that they may have or have observed. Please keep that in mind. We are a family, and we expect our members to treat and care for each other accordingly – and as always- have fun doing so. This is a requirement without exception.  We are all different, but again this is common sense and is something we use a whole lot of here at the Dingus Brigade.


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Donations: There are no requirements for member donations to maintain a Dingus tag in any form.  Donations, however, are VERY welcome as our operating costs may exceed the budgets of those who organize the community.  With discord, website or admin tools, raffles, and dingus loot giveaways and more we try to give our members the best experience they can have with us. This comes at a price and something a handful of people at the Dingus Brigade take the brunt of.  Any help in keeping our valued assets that we provide alive is always appreciated, in any amount possible.  The donation link can be found here: Dingus Donations.  All monies donated are tracked and a detailed financial record can be shown to any member at any time, to show that your money is not being stolen and/or wasted. PERIOD. All donations, whether they are monies or time are greatly appreciated and needed to sustain the community.  You can also support the dingus website directly by becoming a Guilds of WoW patreon .