The Dead End

Horde Guild, Tarren Mill, EU


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Welcome to The Dead End friend! We are currently in a starting face and need people for our raiding teams, our goal is to have two full raiding teams by Shadowlands and then eventually be able to push for realm first mythic kills and so on. We will start raiding heroic now and then when we are saticefied with our raid team we will start pushing mythic kills! Mythic plus is also something we


Current progress 10/10 HC 4/10M

Raid Times:

Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00 (Server Time)
Sunday 19:45 - 23:00 (Server Time)


As of 19.1. we are looking for exceptional application from tank. One of our tanks will go versatile role for guild going into mythic (tank rdps healer) as we have seen that CN brought healing requirement to 5 healers on half of the bosses on mythic. While being ready to jump in if any tank will not make it to raid night, wich should not happen.
For tank application contact Undisputed#1069 on discord, this is very important role and we will take only exceptional player for trial.


Even if we aren't recruiting your class right now, exceptional players will always be considered

The Dead End moved to Tarren Mill for Shadowlands, bringing together friends from various realms to create a strong core of players. We have a fairly relaxed atmosphere in raids and while the final word lies with the Council and Raid Leader, we always welcome input from our team whether it's a new boss strat, a tweak to healing cds or a useful weak aura. For us its all about the team and making sure that every member feels valued.

What we offer you:

• Strong leadership that puts in the effort needed to attain CE every tier with only 2 days raiding
• Focused raids with a relaxed but competitive atmosphere
• Stable guild environment with lots of m+ and plenty of laughs
• We listen to our members! We always appreciate constructive feedback, if something isn't right then we fix it

What you need:

• An experienced raiding background with a history of self-evaluation and improvement
• Being part of a great team takes effort, we expect loyalty and consistency from all of our members
• You must be able to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing
• A positive attitude. We love banter but we don’t tolerate toxicity

Please apply here:

Everything you need to know about application you will find on discord, and you cant contact he council team on discord aswell.

If you have any more questions:
Btag Nicklas#1151 or in game Xcil-TarrenMill


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Castle Nathria
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  21.02.2021 (Sun)   ovadovic
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  17.02.2021 (Wed)   ovadovic
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  7.02.2021 (Sun)   NicklasAPJ
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  13.01.2021 (Wed)   lazy

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