The Daybreak

Horde Guild, Tichondrius, US


Normal Aberrus = Cleared

We are so good at this game

The Daybreak

Horde Guild, Tichondrius, US

May 23, 2023 by Cindersiren


We decided to delve into heroic Aberrus before taking a crack at Sark mostly because who has time for prog when you could open up more vault spots amirite? After Wednesday's raid we decided we're better than that and came in tonight ready to kick some ass.


And we did. We did so good. We pressed our buttons hard and we murdered Sark dead on our third pull!


Afterwards we headed back in for more prog on mythic and holy crap we're now 7/9 with a decent amount of prog in on Echo. Will it be AOTC on our third week?

Huge thank yous to all of our guildies for putting up with the "omgkeysIneedtodokeys" mentality we've all been afflicted with since the new patch - we love you all and we're so happy to be able to call you friends. Can't wait for the other cool community things we'll be doing outside of raids and keys - massive shout out to our own Skankysocks for putting together some quality time activities for everyone!