The Darkmoon Order

Horde Guild, Wyrmrest Accord, US


Throm-Ka, Warrior

Welcome to The Darkmoon Order. Here you can find informations about our guild, roster, players, events, logs and much more...


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Vault of the Incarnates
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A Sanctuary for Saints or Sinners

(The Darkmoon order) A heavy to casual RP/M+/Raiding/casual PvP guild with dark and light themes. The guild is structured in three main divisions, each catering to varying character types and stories. The Order is run by a Night Council made up of the leaders from each section within the Order.


RP Recruitment Hook:

House Darkmoon has reaches across the underground society. The Night Council and those partnered within always keep their eyes open for anyone they feel would be a great fit. All individuals interested in seeking out the Order only needs to find someone from the Night Council and produce a Darkmoon emblem. ((Emblem appears as: Black emblem with a white outlining, two crescent scythes in middle.))


OOC Guild Info:

We're always looking forward our guild storyline along with guild to guild alliances, business partners, or even rivals. We seek to alow others a chance to tell their stories.


Open Positions:


-Night Councilors - (Order Leaders)

-Luminary - (Officer, lower official)

-Kinsmen- (Basic member)


-Order of Nobles - (Members)

*****Socialites, politicians, intel gatherers, assassins, spies, infiltrators, mercenaries, and those who align with nobility.

-Order of the Dark Arts (Members)

*****Occult/dark magic users/scholars/collectors, and those that wish to delve into Occultism


-Coven of Shal'alor - (Members)

*****Zealous Military, Priests, Paladins, Adherents, and those that wish to join a Coven.


-Order of Wilds Magics - (Members)

***** Seers, druids, shamans, Dracthyr, and those who wish to give aid with their own abilties.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


Current RP story within the guild:

Mylis'lynn Darkmoon, sometimes referred to "The Night Mother" has taken the mantle of High Priestess, after the diapperance of her mother, causing her to now take the helm of the Order. Mylis has always ran a sanctuary, but not openly in the past. Those who wish to speak with her about recruitment must seek out information to find her and the Order.

She is on the look out for any prospects that may pose as councilors to run things with her.

The vanishing of her mother is disturbing as she is an ancient Elder, alongside herself, and the former High Preistess. Mylis'lynn hopes to find those on the path to spiritual enlightenment and redemption, alas anyone with the purpose to gain glory, fortune, and inner resolve.

There are many secrets that circlulate the Order of the Old Faith to those on the outside.


For those looking to make contacts with the Order:

Please contact one of the Night Councilors. We are open to hire for different partnerships, jobs, or alliances.



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