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Welcome to The Brethren Court! A long-standing guild, that like any long-time guild has gone through many transformations. Some members are as old as the game itself and founded the guild the day the game launched while others started playing last week. All are welcome!

We raid on Wednesday’s and Thursdays @ 6:30 Antonidas Server (Pacific) time. We usually run high keys on Tuesdays and then spend the rest of the week with a mix of high keys, and helping our lower geared players being sure they are getting into good keys so they are getting the best possible gear for the week. We have moved into Heroic Progression so we have added a normal YOLO raid to Mondays for alts and catch-up.

What would be expected of Raiders?

We are always seeking well-motivated players for our team. Discord is required. While we do think of ourselves as fun and casual, it does take at least a bit of commitment, effort, and skill to reach AotC and we do try to. Players are expected to be in fairly regular attendance at raid, have reviewed videos and or guides on the fights, and be running mythic plus’s to improve gear levels. They should have their gear enchanted with current enchants and buffs when starting Keys or Raid. (Food and Flasks will be provided for all raids.) Raiders must be adults and should show up for raid sober minded but ready to have fun.

The Brethren Court recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Preferred
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