Terms of Use

Please read carefully the Terms of Service below before you use the guildsofwow.com website and all related mobile applications (“Guilds of WoW”) owned by GARAJ YAZILIM DAN. HİZ. LTD. ŞTİ. (“GARAJ”).

Guilds of WoW may be unilaterally amended or modified by GARAJ at any time. Unauthorized downloading, storage, reproduction, processing, publishing, marketing and/or selling the full or partial content of Guilds of WoW, and any attempt at these acts, shall be strictly prohibited.

Agreeing with the Terms

All visitors who use the website in any way will be deemed to have agreed to comply with these Terms of Service as they appear on this page. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, please do not use website and mobile applications. By visiting and using the Guilds of WoW platform, the users understand and agree that they have accepted these terms and that Guilds of WoW will refer to this agreement.


When signing up to Guilds of WoW with Battle.net® account, Guilds of WoW can use and store the information that is allowed by the user. Guilds of WoW uses official Battle.net® APIs provided by Blizzard Entertainment®. Guilds of WoW doesn't have any access or information about the account holders' credentials.

The users are prohibited from setting illegal content, or content that could be considered harmful, pornographic, threatening, immoral, violent, racist or discriminative in any way. Guilds of WoW has the right to terminate user accounts of those users who act otherwise.

Users must not share their account credentials (battle tag, e-mail, password etc.) with third persons, including Guilds of WoW authorities and employees. Only the user is entitled to use this information. In the case of unauthorized use by third parties, viewing or processing user information by unauthorized persons, or any harm or damage that may inflict upon software or data, Guilds of WoW shall not be responsible. The user agrees not to claim compensation from GARAJ, for any damage caused by such unauthorized use.

Users must inform Blizzard Entertainment® immediately, if and when users identify a security breach or the unauthorized use of their Battle.net account.

Users shall not engage in any action that may restrain other users from using Guilds of WoW, or that may block or disrupt the function of servers; cause damage to any element of software, hardware or communication; create a file, code or software that contains a virus or viruses; attempt to access any system, data, password that the user is not entitled to; engage in behavior, directly or indirectly, that may disrupt the function of codes and algorhythms inherent in the services; change, transform, translate content or publish content in other sites without giving appropriate references; distribute messages that are prohibited by law, chain mail, sofware viruses or any content that may harm third parties; send programs or information that may cause damage to the information or software on the computers of other users; engage in any behavior that is illegal or may cause damage to Guilds of WoW and GARAJ. GARAJ holds the rights to claim and initiate legal and penal processes in such cases.

Guilds of WoW may use personal information of users in order to provide better services, to improve products and services, to bring new user-friendly features to the site, in practices targeting the special preferences and areas of interest defined by the users. Guilds of WoW holds the rights to keep record of user activities, on the website and on the mobile applications. Guilds of WoW may gather information about users, by various technological tools which are not illegal, and may use this information in the content management system.

Guilds of WoW may change, update or cancel these terms of service at any time without notice of any kind. Any item that is changed, updated or repealed will be take effect for all users as of the day they are herein published.

Guilds of WoW may give links to third party sites. Guilds of WoW does not assume responsibility for the content in these third party sites.

For all your feedback, complaints and any other requests, please contact us via e-mail or via our battle.net group.