Teh Slax

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Recruiting for 9.1 - Arthas Horde

Teh Slax was formed in Vanilla and has been around ever since. We're all old now and not interested in the commitment that comes with mythic raiding, but we still clear heroic and push m+ with a friendly and funny group. Hoping to add a few more faces for 9.1 if it ever comes out.

Teh Slax

Horde Guild, Arthas, US

May 14, 2021 by TheTH



Teh Slax [Arthas - Horde] is hoping to add a few players for current and future content - heroic raiding/m+ focused with occasional RBGs.


We originally formed in 2005 and have been continuously running in various forms since. Slax used to push cutting edge content but now we have jobs and kids and stuff so we focus on heroic raiding and general community. We're a close-knit group of players that don't take ourselves too seriously, but still expect progression when it comes down to it.


Looking for a Warlock, Heals, Tanks, and solid DPS in general. Please contact me if you're interested or with any questions you may have.