Team haZard

Alliance Guild • Aggra (Português) • EU • Retail


The game feels old, but we're FRESH!

Again, we face a dilemma, the content is not fresh, long months for new content and players stopping playing every day. How to keep it fresh!

Team haZard

Alliance Guild, Aggra (Português), EU

February 4, 2022 by Upstream


It's a simple dilemma, we like to play with each other, we like the company, the talks that make us grin and laugh every time we meet online, and with 13 years of existence, it's normal that the relationship transcends the game. This is our culture, this is what we say for those that may join us, it's about the people. It's about having fun.

And day after day, year after year, we gather around on Teamspeak, and relate. We create rapport with our players by the simple fact that we're inclusive, we don't judge anyone. However, since it's for fun, expect some burn (to be here, you must have a backbone).

To be on Team haZard is all this and much more, you need to live it to experience it.

We're a tribe, and that's how we roll!!