Horde Guild • Zul'jin • US • Retail



Guild has been raiding since TBC but took a break S4 Shadowlands with many not returning. Rebooting Raid Team for Late Night. CE experienced Raid Lead with extensive knowledge of what it takes to motivate and lead a team and in-depth knowledge of the classes.

• Tuesday: 12:30am (Tues night) – 3:30 am EST (9:30pm -12:30am PST)
• Wednesday: 12:30am (Wed night) – 3:30 am EST (9:30pm -12:30am PST)
• Thursday: 12:30am (Thurs night) – 3:30 am EST (9:30pm -12:30am PST)– during progression

Currently Recruiting Players with past CE experience motivated to push and improve and work together:

• Healers: R Druid, and H Priest or MW Monk
• Range: BM Hunter
• Melee: WW monk, Demon Hunter

Attendance ~ 90%+ (we understand IRL but consistency progresses)
Knowledge of class, spec, role
Constructive Attitude (progression can be challenging – should be willing to improve, look for better options and/or take direction/ constructive criticism)

• Annie (Discord: Finity#7697)
• Skels (Discord: SkellySon#1810)

Tactics recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Min. level 70 characters. Min. item level 360 characters. Preferred
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