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Alliance Guild, Ysera, US


351 25/25 30 Reports Audit


We are a social based guild that raids.

Welcome to Synergy.

We are a social focused guild that raids.


Our goal is to push harder content while still having fun. We are inclusive and welcome new players.



• No racism. • No sexism. • No homophobia. • No transphobia. • No slurs. • Avoid discussions about politics and religion. Most of us are trying to escape the real world. • No selling carries. • Use Trade Chat for trading only. Do not interact with trolls or be one. • Do not call out people in a raid. If there's a problem a raid lead will take care of it. • Do not shit talk to non-guildies in pugs. You can shit talk your guildies as long as they know it’s a joke.


We have no tolerance for toxic behavior. Be nice to each other, help out when you can. While you’re out and about the world of Azeroth you represent the guild. Remember we're all here to have fun.


If you’re planning on being inactive for an extended amount of time please let an officer know. We gkick toons and alts after they have been inactive for 30 days. If this happens to you please contact an officer and we’ll invite you again.



Progression: Mon and Tue at 9:30pm - 12:30am server time. You need to try out for this team. Speak to an officer if you're interested.

Casual: Wed and Thur at 10:15pm - 12:30am server time. Anyone can attend. Regular attendance is not required but appreciated. You need to meet a minimum item level, have Discord and DBM. Exorsus Raid Tools is recommended. Speak to an officer if you're interested in joining.

Saturday Raid: Saturday 9pm server time. Must meet minimum ilvl requirement. Contact raid lead - Rhohan - for details.


Wow Progress:


Raider IO:



We run mythic + on Sun starting at 10:45 pm server time. If you'd like to take part be in the Mythic voice channel in Discord. M+ is mainly for guild social and completion of keys. Higher keys that you’d like to devote yourself to can be scheduled if it’s something of interest.

We currently do not have a dedicated Mythic + team; though we do have high M+ players.


Alts You can have as many alts as you like. Social night is every Friday at 10:15pm EST. Random events every week with no real set timing. Sometimes voted on - sometimes not.


Guild Master: Khileen


Officers: Nika, Krezz, Tuna, Asmiranta, Jenifurr, and Bhu

Sepulcher of the First Ones
11 / 11
11 / 11
2 / 11
Sanctum of Domination
10 / 10
10 / 10
1 / 10
Castle Nathria
10 / 10
10 / 10
0 / 10


Death Knight Death Knight
Death Knight Blood Death Knight Frost Death Knight Unholy
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter Havoc Demon Hunter Vengeance
Druid Druid
Druid Balance Druid Feral Druid Guardian Druid Restoration
Hunter Hunter
Hunter Beast Mastery Hunter Marksmanship Hunter Survival
Mage Mage
Mage Arcane Mage Fire Mage Frost
Monk Monk
Monk Brewmaster Monk Mistweaver Monk Windwalker
Paladin Paladin
Paladin Holy Paladin Protection Paladin Retribution
Priest Priest
Priest Discipline Priest Holy Priest Shadow
Rogue Rogue
Rogue Assassination Rogue Outlaw Rogue Subtlety
Shaman Shaman
Shaman Elemental Shaman Enhancement Shaman Restoration
Warlock Warlock
Warlock Affliction Warlock Demonology Warlock Destruction
Warrior Warrior
Warrior Arms Warrior Fury Warrior Protection


  Progression Raid
  Progression Raiders
  Monday   ➜ 2 hours, 15 Minutes
  Tuesday   ➜ 2 hours, 15 Minutes
  Social Night
  Friday   ➜ 2 hours
  Casual Raid
  Wednesday   ➜ 2 hours
  Thursday   ➜ 2 hours
  M+ Night
  Dungeon / Mythic+
  Join us for some M+ runs!
  Sunday   ➜ 2 hours


  7.08.2022 (Sun)   Andrencice
  6.08.2022 (Sat)   luckyviking
  5.08.2022 (Fri)   Thesaintsrok
  5.08.2022 (Fri)   Thesaintsrok
  3.08.2022 (Wed)   Andrencice
  21.07.2022 (Thu)   luckyviking
  12.07.2022 (Tue)   luckyviking
  7.07.2022 (Thu)   Andrencice
  28.06.2022 (Tue)   luckyviking
  28.06.2022 (Tue)   luckyviking
  22.06.2022 (Wed)   luckyviking
  21.06.2022 (Tue)   luckyviking
  18.06.2022 (Sat)   Thesaintsrok