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We are a guild of friends who have been playing for many years, looking to find more active players who can fill out our roster to reliably raid each week. We do Mythic+, PVP (Rated and Unrated), and raiding, but our primary goal is to achieve Ahead Of The Curve (AOTC) for raids. We're a pretty relaxed crew, but when it comes to raiding and progress, we expect people to self-identify failures and improve.

Here's the jist of it:
- Horde, and Fizzcrank/Aggramar are linked servers so you can be on either
- Raid nights are Saturday 6:15pm Pacific / 8:15 Central sharp
- We talk our way through strategies to turn failures into progress
- If you want to do M+ and PVP, there's a bunch of that going on regularly!

But also note that we've got families, and holidays can move the schedule around a bit.


Note: Raid tanks role has been filled, but if you want to primarily tank M+ then we're definitely looking!

Syndicate recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Min. level 70 characters. Min. item level 300 characters. Preferred
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