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<Synchronous> Kazzak, EU - Recruiting DPS

We are an English speaking Mythic Raiding Guild based on the EU server Kazzak. We have an enjoyable raid atmosphere for our raiders but still serious and focused towards getting cutting edge.


Horde Guild, Kazzak, EU

June 30, 2020 by sphinxxuk


Current Progression
We are newly formed but all of our raiders are 6/12 M experienced in this current expansion.

We are currently considering all classes and an experienced tank

We are always on the lookout for exceptional players of any class, that said, we also accommodate social players and hold many Social and Alt raids for every guild member to participate in.

If you are interested in joining please head over to our Discord server: discord gg/synchronous

What can Synchronous offer you?
Here at Synchronous, we can offer you a fun and vibrant atmosphere, whilst we are a progression guild we do know how to have “banter”. We allow you to participate in and down new raid bosses within the latest tiers.

We provide help to both old and new players and allow you to progress as a potential Mythic Raider if you have proven yourself to be better than an already existing member of your respective role/class. We also boast a strong officer team that offers support in and out of raiding hours who combined have over 15 years of experience in raiding.

We have different Mythic+ teams within the guild as well so you’re bound to find something you love doing!

Raiding Schedule
Our raid days are Sundays & Wednesdays with invites going out at 19:45 ST and the raid ending at 23:00 ST as we are a Mythic Progression guild raiding only 2 days a week we try to keep breaks to a minimum on progress bosses.
Alongside this, we host regular Social and Alt raids for all members.

About us
Synchronous was founded based on a member base from another guild that was disbanded. Most of our players have a broad range of experience within raiding in World of Warcraft.

A few things about you
Although we are always recruiting exceptional players we do expect some things in return from our raiders:

- A working Headset & Microphone for those wanting to raid with us, we use Discord for all of our communications, including sign-ups;
- Committed players, that can raid to our Schedule;
- A great sense of humour, as we do like to have playful banter and jokes;
- There is no drama tolerance in our guild;
- Be a nice person - We know and don’t expect everyone to get on all the time, but if you are found to be consistently causing problems, you will be removed;
- Come prepared to raids, this includes but not limited to; checking tactics, and correct consumables

If we sound like the guild you’d like to be a part of and would like to know more about us, get in touch!

You can contact one of our officers through for further information or through our Discord server: discord gg/synchronous.