Horde Guild, Area 52, US

Gold Making

<Swell> Daytime Raiding Guild on Area 52 [H]

Life is <Swell> with guildies like these~

Welcome to Swell! We are a group of friends left over from our successful multi-tier CE days who would like to revive our guild and enjoy the game more casually. Our goal has shifted away from Cutting Edge and into building a fun environment for Heroic and a little Mythic raiding.

Our guild has always been one of friends, who push each other towards excellence while maintaining a healthy sense of humor and clear sense of direction. Swell's core is composed of veteran Mythic raiders, and some of us have been playing together for years. We're a level-headed bunch, always hungry for progress and a good time. We have a low tolerance for drama and toxicity in game and out, and do our best to foster a positive environment and good relationships.

Currently, our main search is for competent and experienced raiders of all roles. As we move into the new tier, we are looking to build up a fun team of like-minded pals who want to focus on raiding, keys, PvP, and other games outside of WoW.

Swell has historically fielded a bunch of key pushers, and we work together to get everyone a key completed every week. We have interest in Arenas/BGs, transmog and achievement runs. Alts, friends, and families are always welcome!

We enjoy non-WoW related activities like Discord movie nights and silly games. We are more than just a raiding guild - we are peers who appreciate each other's company and our culture/environment is very important to us.

[H] <Swell> Formerly #1 Daytime Raiding Guild NA - 12/12M CE 12/12H NYA [12/12M CE NYA 8/8M CE TEP on Alliance side]
TENTATIVE Raid Times: 10am-1pm EST | Weds/Thurs


We are recruiting competitive and competent DPS and healers, and maybe a great tank, for our DAYTIME raid team. Key runners, socials/casuals, and friends are always welcome to apply - just make a note of that in your app!

Death Knight Death Knight
Death Knight Blood Death Knight Frost Death Knight Unholy
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter Havoc Demon Hunter Vengeance
Druid Druid
Druid Balance Druid Feral Druid Guardian Druid Restoration
Hunter Hunter
Hunter Beast Mastery Hunter Marksmanship Hunter Survival
Mage Mage
Mage Arcane Mage Fire Mage Frost
Monk Monk
Monk Brewmaster Monk Mistweaver Monk Windwalker
Paladin Paladin
Paladin Holy Paladin Protection Paladin Retribution
Priest Priest
Priest Discipline Priest Holy Priest Shadow
Rogue Rogue
Rogue Assassination Rogue Outlaw Rogue Subtlety
Shaman Shaman
Shaman Elemental Shaman Enhancement Shaman Restoration
Warlock Warlock
Warlock Affliction Warlock Demonology Warlock Destruction
Warrior Warrior
Warrior Arms Warrior Fury Warrior Protection


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