Horde Guild, Argent Dawn, EU


LFM For Heroic Prog Team

About Us

<SwampFox> is a fairly new guild on Argent Dawn EU and are currently recruiting active and mature players that are looking to continue or get into Heroic Progression Raiding, and later Mythic!

We have some very strong players in the guild looking to let their full potential show and are really looking forward to getting this new heroic team built and progressing through heroic, and then mythic. We're all very laid back people, we like to joke around a lot between pulls and bosses on farm. But when we get to a progression boss there is an obvious sense of focus and dedication to killing the bastard!

As it stands right now. We started off as a casual guild, just having fun and not really thinking about progression. But as we played together we could see that there are some people far more committed to the game than others and we want to grow on that. We've taken some of our best raiders from the casual group to start to form this new heroic team, and now just need some new recruits!

Raiding Schedule

Heroic Team

Wednesday - 21:00 to 23:00 CEST
Sunday - 20:00 to 23:00 CEST

Normal Team

Thursday - 20:00 to 23:00 CEST


What we're currently looking for is DPS, right now all DPS classes and specs are welcomed but here are some we would really like.

Any DPS With Tank OS (Able to swap when needed)

Any DPS With Healer OS (Able to swap when needed)

Death Knight
Demon Hunter

Like I said, these are just the preferable, any DPS class is fine.

What We Expect

Here are some of the things that we expect from you when raiding.

-What the RL says is final

We have a great RL who always takes in what others say and listens to others opinions and always has the best intentions and makes the best decisions for the group. But we expect you to listen to him and work well with the group.

-Be ready before the raid starts

We usually group about 10-15min before the set raid time so we can get everyone in the instance and ready to start raiding at the set time.


We understand, everyone has a life and can't always make a raid night. But we expect you to be here as much as possible. Absences are understandable and will happen, but please be reasonable with them. If you know you wont make it, let officers know as early as possible.


We use discord for explaining tactics and strategy, we expect you to be on and in the discord channel. Talking isn't required but listening is.


Keeping your character up to date with gear is important, if you need help getting gear we're happy to help you out. We would also expect you to try and bring your own flasks, food, pots etc if affordable. We try to provide feasts, cauldrons and codex's as much as possible but having your own buffs as backup is important.

What We Can Offer

Focused, committed raiding but not at the expense of fun.

Friendly and social environment.

Most importantly, we want to include you in how we run things!

Trial Process

Trial period lasts for a couple weeks. Officers decide the outcome after talking to other raiders and hearing their feedback. We will also talk to the trial to see how they felt it went. We will monitor trials for the things presented under "What we expect".


If you like the sound of all this please contact us by joining the discord server or by messaging us in-game!

Discord: r/https://discord.gg/6bDSrn8 (This is a multi game community discord, scroll down to the WoW section for WoW related channels.)


Gamistø (Bnet: Peaches#21719 Discord: Peaches#7536)