Super Soft Raid Party

Horde Guild • Hyjal • US • Retail


Guild Ranks

Explanation of Guild Ranks and New Recruit Process

Super Soft Raid Party

Horde Guild, Hyjal, US

April 30, 2021 by Kahnwolf


Guild Ranks

Toughest Guy In Letterkenny

Guild Leader

Breaks Ties in the event of a stalemate in guild decisions

May rotate between a few members as needed

More of an Administrative Role. Assigning guild permissions, Discord permissions, organizing raid, etc

Big City Snipes


While everyone in the guild is an equal, we recognize that some members may be willing to put more time into making the guild operate smoothly. Such as farming for consumables, helping others improve (logs, rotations, discussions), administrative tasks, etc.

Expectation is to be a voice of reason/leader if needed and spend 1-2 hours per week with some/any/all of the following tasks: anyone who is struggling with their class to help them improve, help keep Discord and Guild Bank organized, farming consumables, recruitment and mediate disputes, if any.

Great Guy / Great Gal

Our Core Raiders who show up to raids regularly

Have Guild Bank Access, Guild Invite Permissions, and may access Guild-Only discord channels and vote on decisions

10 Ply

New Recruits

Will have this rank for at least 2 Raid Nights, and an additional 2 High Mythics or 1 Raid Night to ensure that you are a good fit with our team and to a lesser extent, that you can play your class and do mechanics.  

Promotion from 10 Ply to Great Guy/Gal

After 2 Raid Nights and 2 High(+10-15) Mythics or an additional Raid Night (we recognize not everyone wants to do M+) the entire guild will vote to see if the person is a good fit for our culture or not.

If you want to join us just for M+, run 6 High Mythics with guildies.