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Super Intel Mega Pandas Raiding View

What do we look for. Let me tell you now weary reader.
Team work is the dream work from all walks of life, from all skill level.
Team work is how the dream will be made. Shall we begin from the start of course.
So here is the aim of the best team around. As long as you keep that Ego the venom away.


No ego.
Toxic will get you a swift kick out of the pandas.
Team work.
Understanding ( we all play at different level's )
The raid leader will addresss any issue or change's.
We are gonna wipe a lot. Learning is what wiping is about.
Patience ( We will wipe for 7 hours why we simp over each other )

Now the real part.

We will be learning from the ground up.
We cannot promise mythic raiding we cannot promise curve 2 weeks in a patch.
With a little sweat and tear and laughter we can clear as far as are pandas way's will take use.
We are a team. So helping each other with gear and learn.
There will be certain Gear check's needed which will be as low as we can put them.
We are firm, but we are fair as running 10 to 30 simper's will be a lot of work.


Normal raid : Iteam level will be 405
Hero raid : Iteam level will be 415 at least
Gem's / Enchants
Information on your class is needed. We can adjust certain issue if there are some as we go.
Turn up to a raid 20 mins before late simpers are mean simper's 6 Addons are needed. DBM or Bigwigg is a must and weak aura's

Super Intel Mega Pandas recruits; Characters on Europe • Retail region. Preferred
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