Storm Bringers

Horde Guild • Maiev • US • Retail


Preparing for Season 2

We are preparing to dominate in season 2 when it launches.

Storm Bringers

Horde Guild, Maiev, US

March 19, 2023 by MistresBlaze for Raiders


Looking shore up our raiding team as we've lost a few to IRL things. Strong healers and DPS are needed. We are a great group who want to push content but also have fun. We have an active discord server, run M+'s together, and also play other games (currently Diablo 4). We have a lot of knowledge in the guild and love to share it. Come and join the Storm Bringers as we prepare to go back to The Forbidden Reach!

Please note, we will only push through Heroic. We will not be attempting Mythic raiding