Storm Bringers

Horde Guild • Maiev • US • Retail


Looking for new peeps to push progression on both raid and M+'s | Raid T/Thurs 8pm cst - 10pm cst

Pretty chill guild looking to fill out our H raiding team, we also do group M+ runs and WQ. 8/8N | 7/8H, we raid T/Thur 8-10, server time. We welcome all experience and willing to teach - having some raid experience is nice. Inquire within!

Storm Bringers

Horde Guild, Maiev, US

March 4, 2023 by MistresBlaze


Who are we?

A casual, occasionally not so casual raiding and M+ guild. Looking to fill our Heroic raid team. 395 ilvl minimum requirement for the Heroic team. (We can help you gear if you aren't quiet there yet) Our end goal is AoTC on Heroic (Don't you wanna get that with us?!?). We will not be attempting mythic progression. We are also preparing for the next patch release for access to exploring the Forbidden Reach and raid. We currently raid T/Thurs 8pm CST - 10pm CST (but are open to other nights if the guild would like). 8/8N 7/8H We also have guild M+ nights. We are a cross server guild with guildies all over the US and a few in Canada.

We also have an active discord where we share trips, tricks, and everything inbetween. There is a wealth of knowledge to be shared and room for more!

What we are looking for?

Currently need all specs and classes. While our Heroic raid team has a minimum ilvl requirement, the overall guild does not. We welcome all skill levels. Our group has a wide range of knowledge and loves to share. My DPS has drastically improved since joining the guild. We are looking for cool peeps who love the game and love hanging out.

Message any of the below for more!

Guild Master B-Net: Leonheartt#1949

Raid Leader B-Net: Hypnomage#1582

Recruitment Office B-Net: MistresBlaze #1818