Horde Guild • Draenor • EU • Retail TIER 4 GUILD



Sunstrider Blood Guards has begun guild recruitment for Dragonflight Season 3/4, The War Within, and beyond! Please see our page and discord server to reach out to an officer and get more info if you're interested! https://discord.gg/ssbg

We are a guild of WoW veterans who have returned to the game to experience content in Dragonflight Season 4, The War Within, and beyond. Our primary goal as a guild is to complete raid content at a heroic level, with achieving Ahead of the Curve as our benchmark. Mythic progression will begin once we have the numbers to do so!


Please see the section below for what classes/specs we're currently looking for!

As stated above, we will consider any applicants at this time, but cannot currently guarantee a raid spot for the following:

  • Paladins (Non-Holy)
  • Hunters (Ranged)
  • Main Tanks

All other roles/specs will be considered regardless and should be offered a raid position until we reach mythic progression.

Sunstrider Blood Guards recruits; Characters on Europe • Retail region. Preferred
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