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Welcome to Squadron. Here you can find informations about our guild, roster, players, events, logs and much more...


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<Squadron> Recruiting for Shadowlands Mythic Raiding/Mythic Plus/Community Building

Squadron is a great guild built by and made up of dedicated friendly players. We have two raid groups that are relatively new. Each group have veterans who have raided cutting edge and those whose first time raiding will be this tier but are extremely dedicated in pushing into mythic content as possible. We are looking to build a community where everyone feels welcomed with no drama.


Our goals and what we offer with raiding and mythic plus:


Raid—we have two raid groups, both with goals of achieving AOTC every tier and push as far into mythic as possible.


Currently F/S - 4/10M 10/10H and S/Su - 10/10H


Raid times: Friday and Saturday 8:00-11: pm EST


We are looking for exceptional DPS players to fill the 25 man roster. 


Raid times: Saturday 9-12 CST and Sunday 8-11 CST


We are looking for everything. The group currently consists of 9 dedicated and mythic ready players. Looking for people to build it's core 20.


For both raid groups:


Please know your class and study the fights beforehand, we will all be doing our own research so we expect you to do the same—we expect you to prioritize mechanics while doing appropriate damage.

We expect you to be on time for raid and have a pretty consistent attendance but we know real life happens, so if it does, we do understand.

Please have a good understanding of your class/rotations and if you have any questions about your class/covenant/etc, there are many people who are more than willing to help.

Mythic Plus—we love to push keys, a few of us have KSM and are always doing/pushing keys.


There will always be people willing to run keys, so never be afraid to ask.

Other than those, we are wanting to build a community with many different people, those who are into leveling, gold farming, pvp, casual content.


We don’t bite, I promise. So if you’re interested in joining and testing the waters…


Message me on here or discord arex#0920.


You never know, we might be the WoW family you never knew you wanted!

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