Soul Shift

Alliance Guild, Moon Guard, US


Guild Mission!

Soul Shift is a home for all adventurers in Azeroth of the Alliance faction on Moon Guard. We aim to have a niche for adventurers seeking to do a bit of all Azeroth has to offer in the way they want to.

Soul Shift

Alliance Guild, Moon Guard, US

May 18, 2021 by ScintiWeiwei

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Soul Shift "Mission"

     Josilette created Soul Shift with the goal of building a community of "souls" here in Azeroth whose goal was to represent and work towards a shift in the balance each day to make sure first within their community things were going well and then those places outside of it that they had influence in. She saw first that in herself she viewed the world from a perspective and she had a way that she found her place in it. She had her strengths and her weaknesses and those allowed her to fit in where she had been. She wanted to find others that could learn from her strengths and at the same time she wanted to find others with that were skilled in the ways she was not so she could learn from them. This is how what will become known as "Soul Shifts Fortress" began to grow and evolve.

     Josilette's vision of how Soul Shifts essence would grow was that each of the members of it would share a unique contribution to the fortress and this fortress was actually itself a entity thats ability and power came from the combined power of its members. A entity that could when called upon fight for what they believed in. With that in mind, this meant that while there was a normal way it would be, if the shift in the balance around them adjusted the focus, what it fought for could change. A very adaptable and versatile force. As members joined they would mesh with those already here. All were welcome, Josilette knew everyone had potential and she wanted to bring out these strengths in them so that they could find their place as she had. Josilette wanted everyone to feel that they meant something, that they were not only important for just themself, but for something else in Azeroth, that what they did each day made a difference, they influenced the things around them. She wanted those that joined to want to find that way in which they could augment that part of the fortress, she didn't assign anything, she let it shape it's balance of strengths on it's own, she trusted that it would evolve in the way it knew best.

     As more joined Josilette decided that their needed to be some organization to how members should be known, but what they were given as their role in Soul Shift as seen to everyone else was a layer of visual security. While this structure was in place outwardly, each of the members were all linked in a way and contributed their share to the fortress power. Josilette decided that a drake, winged dragon form would be the unique theme that Soul Shift would use to classify the members. Josilette would be the Golden Drake, below her would be the Scinti Drake, which was short for "Scintillating". On down the line would be Spectral Drake, Spirit Drake, Onyx Drake, Lustrous Drake, Crimson Drake, Cloud Drake, Neophyte Drake, and Prospect Drake. She had a idea of what each type of drake would represent outwardly, but within each rank, it had it's own hierarchy that was more secretly in place that only those within Soul Shift would know, and even more so within that drakes integral circle.

    With this in place for now Josilette would watch over Soul Shift and continue to do what she did best. Wake up each day with the goal to go out and be kind and friendly to all she encountered. She wanted to understand everything that wanted to be understood, to see their perspective, to get a sense and understanding that each thing out there had it's bubble it was in and all these bubbles combined made up the giant bubble they all resided in that was Azeroth.