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Sojourner is a casual raiding guild in the style of the old Wrath Friends and Family guilds. We believe that folks should play what they enjoy and engage in the content they enjoy. We do not differntiate between raiding and non-raiding players. If you choose to raid, we expect that you will respect the time of your fellow team mates. That means you will be reasonably geared for our content and be prepared each raid night. Our guild members are happy to assist with runs, Korthia content, enchants, gems, etc. to help get you up to speed. All we ask is that you are cooperative; and if you are new to raiding, you are prepared to learn.

Currently, Sojo could use some more healers, or folks interested in cross-role support as a back-up healer or tank, but this is not a barrier to entry. You will note that we do not have specific classes or specs selected, and that is because we are interested in folks looking for a guild culture like ours - class and spec we can work with, and is a secondary consideration.

Applicants should be aware that we are not a hardcore or progression team. We are here to have fun - to win the encounters at our own pace. A good fit with Sojo are people who are new to WoW, or end-game content and want a pleasant raiding experience, and/or veteran players who are tired of the "jobiness" of progression raiding and are ok with a more "relaxed fit" approach to end game. We are also a good fit for folks who enjoy chasing mounts, achievements and transmogs as well as interested in exploring different types of content, such as mythic+.

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