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Alliance Guild, Kargath, US

September 26, 2021 by Atanae


Sojourner was founded in July of 2010, not long after Blizzard combined the raid IDs for the various raid sizes and difficulties. Back then, I predicted that this move would be harmful to the robust friends and family raiding community, so created Sojourner to stand as a bulwark and preserve that more casual approach to raiding.

Sojo's driving principle is "doing well by doing good," and to be the kind of community guild that is there for each other. We are supportive of players who would otherwise have "aged out" of the game, by leveraging flex to accommodate real life: family and work commitments, as well as to be a haven for those who want the opportunity to enjoy team content with a group of friendly players and not the lottery of LFG/R; or worry about the "business" of progression raiding: being judged by parses and attendance %. We respect the player, and the player's time, and strive to help players make the most of the time they have to spend in game. Whether that is killing imaginary beasties in a raid, or plundering older raids for mounts and transmogs.