Sleight of Hand

Horde Guild • Korgath • US • Retail



Sleight of Hand is a guild that was formed by a group of real life friends back in classic a few months after launch. It has changed names 3 times and spanned all expansions. We are a community of people that are interested in AOTC raiding with the possibility of Cutting Edge, and spend plenty of time in Mythic+ environments each season. All manner of folks are welcome and we foster a laid back approach to raiding that always works without the drama of burning out or fuss of having to play a character you don't like. We have created raids using the group finder and teamed with other guilds to gain AOTC for each expansion but are interested in building a complete in-house community. We have an excellent core team of raiders and an exceptional raid leader that has geared the Korgath shard for over a decade through his altruistic raiding outlook. Come check us out and lets have fun this expansion!


Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope
1 / 9 WORLD 15,748 REGION 7,494 REALM 78
0 / 9
0 / 9
Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
0 / 9
0 / 9
0 / 9
Vault of the Incarnates
8 / 8 WORLD 7,011 REGION 2,788 REALM 17
8 / 8 WORLD 5,627 REGION 2,182 REALM 11
0 / 8


We are open for recruitment and are accepting friend groups or individuals. Players can play whatever classes and specs they choose as their mains. Although, our main need at the moment for classes would be an enhancement shaman, mage, shadow priest, and warlock.


Raid Times: Wednesday and Thursday @ 8-11PM CST


The guild will provide most major consumables that we require for the raid, but we will need to fill our coffers for shards, flasks materials, ect. We accept help with contributions into the guild bank for materials and whatever assistance offered. Potions, oils, and such are on the raider.


What we expect from you:

  • Show up having a general idea of fight mechanics.
  • Be punctual and have all relevant consumables prior to start time.
  • Respect everyone else's time. Time is our most valuable resource, and since we are only spending 6hrs a week in raids, don't be a doushe and waste our collective time.
  • Ask questions, discuss encounters (before or after the raid), communicate ideas. We are open to improvements and constructive ideas.
  • If you are not killing it because you are having an off night or are struggling to dps, that's alright. Self-moderate and remove yourself if we are struggling with an encounter, if just for that encounter.
  • Be in discord for every raid.
  • Have fun and engage with people to maximize that fun.


What we offer you:

  • A respectful raiding environment, that is laid back but still easily and productively clears content.
  • Open communication with guild leadership. We are all mid-30s folks with careers, kids, or responsibilities that understand real life dynamics (raid times reflect this; we want people to be happy and spend time with their families).
  • A community to have a glorious time with and make friends that span many games. We have made so many friendships with people from all over the US over these 18+ years. We have made some of the most memorable, comedic events in our gamer lives with people we've met in raids or dungeons.


Applying is easy. Just contact me on Discord or BNET or apply below by clicking the button.
Discord: BEAST#1376

Or the GM

BNET: Woadiesag#1410

Discord: Woadiesag#1950